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Roadmap and completed milestone

Roadmap for 2022 focuses on growing the Pegasus Dollar Protocol ecosystem, and this includes more use cases for PES, SPES tokens.

Q2: Launching

✅ Protocol launch
✅ Airdrop
✅ Audit Contracts
✅ CoinmarketCap listing
☐ CoinmarketCap listing
☐ Pegasus Stake & Earn

Q3: Pegasus Prediction

☐ Pegasus Prediction
✅ Pegasus Lottery
✅ Pegasus Lauchpad
☐ Pegasus Swap & NFT market
☐ List tokens to CEX
☐ Pegasus Lending

Q4: Pegasus bridge

☐ Cross-chain tokens
☐ Pegasus bridge
☐ Launch Pegasus Government
☐ Distribute eco profit to charity

Q1-2023: Pegasus More...

☐ Combination of Pegasus Protocol and DAO 2.0
☐ More information coming soon...