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SPES - Government Token

Pegasus Shares(SPES) loosely represent the value of the Pegasus Protocol and trust in its systemic ability to maintain PES to peg. During epoch expansions (when TWAP - time-weighted average price of PES is above the 1 $METF peg), the protocol mints PES and distributes it proportionally to all SPES holders who have staked their tokens in the boardroom.
SPES has a maximum total supply of 21,000,000 tokens (similar to Bitcoin)
  • 3,500,000 SPES will be allocated to DAO Fund.
  • 3,000,000 SPES will be allocated to Insurance Fund.
  • 2,500,000 SPES will be allocated to the team for DEV and Marketing staff.
  • The remaining 12,000,000 of SPES will be allocated for incentivizing Liquidity Providers.