PES - Algorithmic pegged to METF

PES tokens are designed to be used as a means of exchange. The protocol's built-in stability mechanism deterministically expands and contracts the PES supply to keep the PES pegged to one $METF token.

How does the Algorithmic Peg Works?

When PES is above Peg - it actively pegs down by inflating for SPES boardroom stakeholders. When PES is below Peg - Inflation stops completely and therefore will peg back 1 one by various use cases that can be found below.

What is the utility of the PES token?

  • SPES Reward - Provider Liquidity PES to earn SPES
  • Stake PES in Pegasus Earn
  • Stake PES to earn profit from Pegasus Swap(when Pegasus Swap launch)
  • Lock & Burn PES for a chance to participate in round 0 Pegasus Launchpad
  • Earn ecosystem profit(Lending & Pegasus Land)
  • Stake in our Partner system