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Zap In allows you to convert a single token (token) into LP in a single transaction. This is useful for those who need to place a bet fast.

How does Zap make adding liquidity easy?

You would like to add liquidity to the MMF pool, which requires you to have at least two tokens in your wallet. However, you only have one of them.
You would normally need to swap your existing token into an underlying pool and then deposit those two assets into the MMF pool. This works out to a total of 2 separate transactions.
More transactions and more preparation create friction for the user and can make Defi intimidating to get started.
Now everything becomes easier thanks to Zap In function, which allows you to deposit into the MMF pool in a single transaction.
As you can see above, Zap does all the work for you.
It swaps half of your existing token for the other, deposits them into the MMF pool, and then returns the MMF liquidity pool tokens to your address in a single transaction.
The result is you don't have to worry about having the specific tokens in exact prepared proportions before you can provide liquidity.